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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who Benefits?

Most of us barely pay attention to our bodies until some form of injury occurs which forces us to stop and pay attention. Quality of movement is essential as we are only given 1 body! Pilates is not just for the dancer or athlete, It’s for everyone! Performing daily tasks from anything to gardening to carrying a child require the ability to ‘move well’.

“Pilates will help rejuvenate your strength and with patience, perseverance and a strong will, all things are possible!” - Joseph Pilates

2) Can I do Pilates with injuries?

Pilates can be modified in various ways. Pilates exercise will help strengthen your muscles and alleviate tension that occurs from everyday stressors. Not all exercises are suited for everyone however consult your physician before beginning any fitness routine.

3) Can I do Pilates if I’m Pregnant?

Pilates is a great way form of exercise that is non-impact and consists of controlled exercises that can be adapted and modified for pregnant women. The Pilates matwork series is designed to help improve posture, balance, circulation and strengthen the deeper muscles of the abdominals. Pregnant women will particularly benefit as the muscles in the pelvic floor will weaken after their delivery. After the first trimester exercises that are done flat on your back may cause dizziness and decrease the blow flow to your uterus. Therefore all of the exercises can be modified to your individual level of comfort and there are props that can be used to ensure this.

4) Will Pilates help me lose Weight?

In order to lose weight it is recommended to participate in at least 30 min of cardiovascular exercise at least 3x/week. Pilates itself is not considered cardiovascular conditioning, however Pilates provides stretching and strengthening exercise that are beneficial to improving your fitness.

5) What should I wear to a Pilates Class?

Pilates participants generally wear comfortable lose fitting clothing that they can move freely in. Shoes are not necessary as individuals wear socks or bare feet. Water and a small towel may also be needed for your neck or low back for added comfort.

6) How many times should a do Pilates?

Pilates can be performed anywhere from 2-4 days/week as it is recommended that you give your body rest in between days.